Benk + Bo, London, E1 7AW

9th February 2019

Our Seasonal Series Events are the perfect blend of our core principles; moving the body through a 45 minute workout, meeting like minded women, eating an incredible and delicious brunch, along with taking time out to relax and learn with educational workshops hosted by some of the best in the wellbeing, health and fitness industries.Hosted by the incredible Tally Rye, Personal Trainer, blogger & creator of the ‘best me’ mantra; Ceri jones Qualified Natural Chef and Founder of Natural Kitchen Adventures, and Megan Lynas Founder of Replenish You. This event and the ‘Best Me’ mantra is focused on a balanced, healthy and happy lifestyle. It is not about perfection, rather the pursuit of finding the right version of balance and health for completely unique to every individual; through aspects including exercise, nutrition, work and lifestyle, helping them to become a better version of themselves.