Horsington, Somerset

10th - 12th May 2019

This May we are delighted to co-host the Live Your Best Life Weekend with the wonderful Lucy Mountain. A self-proclaimed kind-of-fitness-blogger, Lucy sets out to bust nutrition myths that plague social media and the industry one little square at a time – to make women feel better about their relationship with their body and food. She loves domino’s but will take or leave a stuffed crust. (Controversial, she knows.)

The nobs (no BS) community was born in March of 2018 and since then has amassed to over 5,000 incredible humans, dedicated to living their best lives, (and uniting against skinny teas). The ethos revolves firstly around education which it comes to all things fitness – and secondly – complete, unwavering support of everyone doing whatever genuinely makes them happy. Be it how they move, what they eat, or simply how they chose to live their lives. No judgement. Ever. Escape from the city and the stresses of everyday life to join us in the heart of the stunning Somerset countryside in a beautiful Manor House, for 2 nights of relaxation, educational workshops and fitness sessions. Our private chef Ceri Jones will be filling you with wholesome, seasonal food along with leading a chocolate making workshop. Resident team ‘nobs’ nutritionist Dan Price who spends his days personal training and educating the masses about food, will be joining us hosting nutrition myth- busting workshops and answering all your questions.

You can expect morning workouts run by Lucy, followed by a delicious breakfast, have all your questions answered in one of our educational workshops, followed by free time relaxing in the pool, hot tub and sauna, or simply finding a cosy spot to take the time out you deserve to switch off and enjoy your favourite book.